Jim Noir

‘Jim Noir’

An album review for rockfeedback.com

Winston Churchill said ďShort words are best, the old ones best of allĒ and to that ends I couldíve summed up this review by simply saying ďAceĒ. But one of the many problems with Winston Churchill- and itís probably not one of the first that youíd list -is that he never had a proper grounding in really good psychedelic music, so for that reason I shall expound: Jim Noirís self titled record is Properly, Properly Ace.

Had Old Winnie decided against spending his autumn years obsessively documenting The History of English Speaking People, and chosen rather to kick back and stick on a bit of really good psyche, Iím sure that amid the fug of joss sticks he would have likely drawn some interesting conclusions. Most probably, he would’ve conjectured that most really good psychedelic music, no matter how outward or expansive, is firmly rooted in the everyday- an alternate everyday, granted, but still a reflection of the time and place specific to said music. Itís also quite likely that heíd have thought up a better name than Psychedelia… but Winston Churchill isnít the point of our discussion; he is the product of smoke and mirrors, a mere device, a loose concept with which to start and most probably finish the piece. Here lies another important trait in all good psychedelic music.

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