Mercury Prize – Red Carpet

With brogues polished and microphone at the ready, Porter launches himself upon the red carpet at the Nationwide Mercury Prize. Bat For Lashes goes feral, Young Knives strike a pose, Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons says ‘HIYA’ and Jo Whiley pipes down a bit.

Hot Fire!

Mercury Prize – Klaxons – Basquiat Strings

Porter reports from the Mercury Prize and interviews the Klaxons and the Basquiat Strings

Best Of – Part 5

The highlights from a series of podcasts we made for the Nationwide Mercury Prize, featuring interviews with Klaxons, Dizzee Rascal, Young Knives, Jamie T, Maps and Bat For Lashes… and Adrian Edmonson (we weren’t expecting him either!)

Best Of – Part 6

The final episode of the Best of 2007 features a report from Fashion Fringe, a competition for young designers at London Fashion Week, and the tear jerking blast of cotton coloured memories that is… The Montage!