They Tried To Make Me Jazz For Jihad, I Said A No No No!

Ben Lamdin is a Jazzer of no shameful provenance. Like a syncopated freedom fighter he dons the modal Balaklava and launches a stream of unprovoked aural attacks all in the name of Jazz Jihad! Aside from the Nostalgia 77 Militia Octet, Ben is also one of the driving forces behind Impossible Ark Records (Max Grunhard Quintet, Plumstead Radicals, Examples Of Twelve… you need to get this stuff right up you, trust me) and has just put the finishing touches to an album with British Jazz legends Kieth and Julie Tippets

He popped round El Kapitan’s Cattery during the Loop Festival this summer. Here’s the charts…

Lizzy Parks & Nostalgia 77 Strings Session

Lizzy Parks / Nostalgia 77 Session @ The Fish Market, Harlseden

Writer, arranger and Nostalgia 77 cohort Riaan Volsoo contemplates the logistics involved in making a round of brews for the string section, during a session at The Fish Market in Harlesden for Lizzy Parks’ new album.