St George’s Day

I’m not sure if it’s still acceptable to wish you a happy St. Georges Day, but as acceptability is a social currency in which I seldom trade I’ll stick my neck out and wish you one all the same.

The erosion of a collective national identity has been well documented of late, so I’ll not ramble on about it here. After all, politics is very much like sex: though the world would be a much better place if everyone did more of it, you really shouldn’t talk about it at the dinner table. If it is of any further interest, two of the books I find best deal with the subject are Jeremy Paxman’s ‘The English’ and Billy Bragg’s ‘The Progressive Patriot’. Both are good, but The Red Wedge’s will make you look slightly less xenophobic when reading it on the tube.

In an attempt to lift the stigma from this day of St George, I thought it might be worth pointing out that as well as being the first to address the very serious problem of Dragon infestation, Georgie Boy is also the recognised Patron Saint of Barcelona, Beirut, Germany, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Malta, and Serbia. Ceasing not in his veneration, he is also the sanctified caretaker of Farmers, Butchers, Archers, Equestrians, Boy Scouts and sufferers of syphilis, strangely enough. All of which leads us to the following conclusions:

Firstly: as well being violently inclusive, The Lad George was a very busy bastard.

Subsequently: People got a lot more done in the days before central heating and Wikipedia.

Loosely tying this rather irrelevant ramble back to music, there’s a song by Flashguns called St George, which is available for your aural delights here

That is all.

Mercury Prize – Red Carpet

With brogues polished and microphone at the ready, Porter launches himself upon the red carpet at the Nationwide Mercury Prize. Bat For Lashes goes feral, Young Knives strike a pose, Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons says ‘HIYA’ and Jo Whiley pipes down a bit.

Hot Fire!

Jim Noir

‘Jim Noir’

An album review for

Winston Churchill said “Short words are best, the old ones best of all” and to that ends I could’ve summed up this review by simply saying “Ace”. But one of the many problems with Winston Churchill- and it’s probably not one of the first that you’d list -is that he never had a proper grounding in really good psychedelic music, so for that reason I shall expound: Jim Noir’s self titled record is Properly, Properly Ace.

Had Old Winnie decided against spending his autumn years obsessively documenting The History of English Speaking People, and chosen rather to kick back and stick on a bit of really good psyche, I’m sure that amid the fug of joss sticks he would have likely drawn some interesting conclusions. Most probably, he would’ve conjectured that most really good psychedelic music, no matter how outward or expansive, is firmly rooted in the everyday- an alternate everyday, granted, but still a reflection of the time and place specific to said music. It’s also quite likely that he’d have thought up a better name than Psychedelia… but Winston Churchill isn’t the point of our discussion; he is the product of smoke and mirrors, a mere device, a loose concept with which to start and most probably finish the piece. Here lies another important trait in all good psychedelic music.

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Camden Crawl – Scroobius Pip Vs Dan Le Sac

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Great Escape – Holloways – Oh No Ono – Sex Panther

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