The Raconteurs

‘Consolers Of The Lonely’

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‘Jack White’s other band is a Harley’ is how the promotional bumper sticker should have read, were there any kind of promotional assault for The Raconteurs second album. As it goes, and as I’m sure you’ll already know, there was grand total of zip spent on promo-ing this record: in an admirable gesture of insouciance the albums release was announced just one week before being indiscriminately lobbed at fans, blaggards and freebie snatchers alike.

In a lot of ways it’s understandable. The White Stripes are enormous. Their unprecedented arc from incestuous outsiders to stadium filling ‘somebodys’ has ensured that any idiot with ears knows exactly who they are. Presumably not wanting this to colour peoples’ opinion of his latest project, Jacky Sun Block slapped a veto on the worldwide knitting circle. A bold move that suggests only two possible outcomes: should he hold form as world beating songsmith with yet another banger to add to the cannon he comes out vindicated, cash registers a ringing and more festival invites than he and the gang can shake a shitty fringe at. If, however, the offerings are anything less than second best Our Young Protagonist finds himself met with indifference, is asked to stop knocking about with those older boys and is ordered back into the house to play with his vaguely autistic sister/ex-lover/drummer (delete as appropriate).

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