Straight out of nowhere, The Porter Report pops out of the ether with two brand new installments. There’s no escaping the fact that they’re heavily biased towards the ladies, but let’s be reasonable about this… if you look at the last few intermittent posts, they’ve been well laddish. I for one say, let’s stop the sausage party right here, and bring out the women folk.

First up is Micachu. Without hyperbole, she is the most exciting thing happening in the UK, will save the beleaguered Music Industry using nothing but a screwdriver, a pair of castanets and a chipped copy of Garage Band. I reckon she could probably do something about the credit crunch too [did you know that David Bowie started the credit crunch? He bloody did you know, he did].

We caught up with her at this years Loop Festival in Brighton, and filmed it for those ‘bonne ouefs’ at Boing Boing TV.
Micachu & The Shapes

Alexander G Muertos

Good Night Irene

“There’s 12 bars in Ragtime, and I’ve drunk in every one of ‘em”

Alexander G Muertos
is a good lad. He smokes fags like they’re going out of fashion and plays Blues like he’s bringing it back in. Emerging through the acoustic circuit, the native South Londoner is in the process of recording his debut album, and has been good enough to let us drop by on more than a couple of occasions and shove a camera up his hooter.

Listen through the finished material and you’ll hear influences that range from Stax to Studio One but nothing beats a man on his J’s with a flat cap and a six string, so we talked him in to a quick rendition of an old Leadbelly favourite.

There was an interview as well, but somewhere along the line the microphone must’ve got mixed up with a Mars Bar because, try as we might, we just can’t find the audio! Once my lip reading is up to scratch I’ll transcribe it in it’s entirety. Until then… like the man says:

Enough talking, let’s Yentz already!

Noah & The Whale @ The ICA

Noah & The Whale

Noah & The Whale
‘Girlfriend in a Coma’
Live @ The ICA, London

Here’s a little treat for you in advance of some new Reports which, with the luck of the big man and a prevailing breeze, should be fit for human consumption within the next month.

The London leg of Noah & The Whale’s first national tour saw Twickenham’s other Harlequins swell to a septet, aided and abetted as they were by Laura Marling and a two man Brass Squad. This inspired choice of encore ensured the evening ended with a sing-a-long and room full of happy punters, a bit like Flannegan & Allen performing ‘Morrisey: The Musical’


Let’s not smack ourselves with the Silly Stick and pretend that it’s otherwise: I am a fairly opinionated man. I have many views, ranging from ill informed to vaguely inflammatory, occasionally bordering on the inspired. When I say occasionally, I really mean seldom, but we’re getting away from the point I haven’t even made yet, which is this: of the myriad opinions I harbor, I firmly believe thrashy guitars and catchy choruses are only convincing when played by the young, whilst anything involving more notes than are necessary is usually the reserve of the wrinkled. Every so often I’m proved wrong, and I’m glad of the change believe me, but generally I find it’s a fairly successful theorem.

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