Straight out of nowhere, The Porter Report pops out of the ether with two brand new installments. There’s no escaping the fact that they’re heavily biased towards the ladies, but let’s be reasonable about this… if you look at the last few intermittent posts, they’ve been well laddish. I for one say, let’s stop the sausage party right here, and bring out the women folk.

First up is Micachu. Without hyperbole, she is the most exciting thing happening in the UK, will save the beleaguered Music Industry using nothing but a screwdriver, a pair of castanets and a chipped copy of Garage Band. I reckon she could probably do something about the credit crunch too [did you know that David Bowie started the credit crunch? He bloody did you know, he did].

We caught up with her at this years Loop Festival in Brighton, and filmed it for those ‘bonne ouefs’ at Boing Boing TV.
Micachu & The Shapes

They Tried To Make Me Jazz For Jihad, I Said A No No No!

Ben Lamdin is a Jazzer of no shameful provenance. Like a syncopated freedom fighter he dons the modal Balaklava and launches a stream of unprovoked aural attacks all in the name of Jazz Jihad! Aside from the Nostalgia 77 Militia Octet, Ben is also one of the driving forces behind Impossible Ark Records (Max Grunhard Quintet, Plumstead Radicals, Examples Of Twelve… you need to get this stuff right up you, trust me) and has just put the finishing touches to an album with British Jazz legends Kieth and Julie Tippets

He popped round El Kapitan’s Cattery during the Loop Festival this summer. Here’s the charts…

Noah & The Whale @ The ICA

Noah & The Whale

Noah & The Whale
‘Girlfriend in a Coma’
Live @ The ICA, London

Here’s a little treat for you in advance of some new Reports which, with the luck of the big man and a prevailing breeze, should be fit for human consumption within the next month.

The London leg of Noah & The Whale’s first national tour saw Twickenham’s other Harlequins swell to a septet, aided and abetted as they were by Laura Marling and a two man Brass Squad. This inspired choice of encore ensured the evening ended with a sing-a-long and room full of happy punters, a bit like Flannegan & Allen performing ‘Morrisey: The Musical’