The Futureheads

Another dollop of wallop from this years Great Escape, this time with Barry Hyde from The Futureheads. This episode of The Porter Report would not have been possible without the help of our American pen-pals at Boing Boing TV.

Young Knives Part 1

Courtesy of our friends across the pond, here’s the first of two Porter Reports featuring the Young Knives. This episode was originally broadcast on Boing Boing TV.

Alexander G Muertos

Good Night Irene

“There’s 12 bars in Ragtime, and I’ve drunk in every one of ‘em”

Alexander G Muertos
is a good lad. He smokes fags like they’re going out of fashion and plays Blues like he’s bringing it back in. Emerging through the acoustic circuit, the native South Londoner is in the process of recording his debut album, and has been good enough to let us drop by on more than a couple of occasions and shove a camera up his hooter.

Listen through the finished material and you’ll hear influences that range from Stax to Studio One but nothing beats a man on his J’s with a flat cap and a six string, so we talked him in to a quick rendition of an old Leadbelly favourite.

There was an interview as well, but somewhere along the line the microphone must’ve got mixed up with a Mars Bar because, try as we might, we just can’t find the audio! Once my lip reading is up to scratch I’ll transcribe it in it’s entirety. Until then… like the man says:

Enough talking, let’s Yentz already!

Everybody loves a montage…

Mercury Prize – Red Carpet

With brogues polished and microphone at the ready, Porter launches himself upon the red carpet at the Nationwide Mercury Prize. Bat For Lashes goes feral, Young Knives strike a pose, Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons says ‘HIYA’ and Jo Whiley pipes down a bit.

Hot Fire!

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