George Pringle

Hot Fire! Porter Reports from The Great Escape and has a chat with George Pringle.

A Letter From God To Man

Thirteen days ago we found out we’d submitted the winning pitch for Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip’s new video. Tomorrow, with all going well and Zeus gazing down upon us with benevolent eyes, we’ll hand in the definitive article. For the sake of explicitness that’s a two week turnaround, which isn’t a lot of time on anyones calender. I was chatting with a mate of mine who makes videos for the Kaiser Chefs and the like, and he admitted that two weeks is about the amount of time it takes him to download the MP3 of whatever song it is he’s about to make a video for- with that in mind I hope you can appreciate the feeling of accomplishment I’m carrying around with me at the moment, this being my first attempt at playing producer. (If you can’t appreciate the feeling, starve yourself for a fortnight then go and eat three Lamb Jalfrezi’s and wash them down with a half pint of Brandy a piece…that’s as close as you’re gonna get I reckon).

As soon as we get the green card from Sunday Best I’ll have the brand new video for ‘A Letter From God To Man’ up here on the Porter Report. Until then, here’s some snaps that Red Fash took on location.

We introduce our young protagonist.

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All of our precious Could Have Beens.

As we slowly thumb up these new reports from the Great Escape, I thought I’d let you have a look at what we could have won. You see, we here at the Porter Report never go about things by halves; our normal procedure is to start off with five quarters, realise we’ve only got a third in reserve and end up giving it two fifths because we’re all out of wallop.

Such was the case with the Wheely Bin Racer. On paper it all looked great… we had a go-cart frame, and by go-cart I’m not chatting pram wheels and an orange box, this is over a grands worth of precision welded gear: disc lock breaks, engine mount, rack and pinion steering… a proper bit of kit and no mistake. Atop of this very steady chassis we’d bolted an illegitimately appropriated Biffa Bin for a cab and a small green Wheely Bin by means of a bonnet… So far, so feral. The finishing touches were applied by some friends of an artistic bent and Hey Pesto! we’d got ourselves a Wheely Bin Racer.

It was our Get Out Of Jail card, our Great White Hope, it was our beautiful bouncing baby. Unfortunately as babies go it was a great big fat fucker, a cumbersome beast of no mean proportion that troubled its beatnick parents greatly: we didn’t have enough room to keep it! So it was that we shifted our creation from pillar to post, a glory lap of various back lawns in the BN2 that we hoped would run indefinitely. Our eventual aim was to commit to celluloid the road bound wonders of our brilliant, if slightly improbable, machine and at the same time find use for the “fake wall” El Kapitan found on somewhere on his travels. Better still, if we managed to tie in some kind of collision with the GMC Day Van that’s still got a For Sale sign in the window, we’d have Internet Gold and a use for at least three of the “good ideas” that have hung round our necks like lead plated albatrosses.

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Young Knives Part 2

Here’s the second slice of acoustic performance courtesy of Henry, Oliver and Mr House Of Lords… furthermore known to the world as The Young Knives. Who said the first cut was the deepest?

The Futureheads

Another dollop of wallop from this years Great Escape, this time with Barry Hyde from The Futureheads. This episode of The Porter Report would not have been possible without the help of our American pen-pals at Boing Boing TV.

Young Knives Part 1

Courtesy of our friends across the pond, here’s the first of two Porter Reports featuring the Young Knives. This episode was originally broadcast on Boing Boing TV.

Jim Noir

‘Jim Noir’

An album review for

Winston Churchill said “Short words are best, the old ones best of all” and to that ends I could’ve summed up this review by simply saying “Ace”. But one of the many problems with Winston Churchill- and it’s probably not one of the first that you’d list -is that he never had a proper grounding in really good psychedelic music, so for that reason I shall expound: Jim Noir’s self titled record is Properly, Properly Ace.

Had Old Winnie decided against spending his autumn years obsessively documenting The History of English Speaking People, and chosen rather to kick back and stick on a bit of really good psyche, I’m sure that amid the fug of joss sticks he would have likely drawn some interesting conclusions. Most probably, he would’ve conjectured that most really good psychedelic music, no matter how outward or expansive, is firmly rooted in the everyday- an alternate everyday, granted, but still a reflection of the time and place specific to said music. It’s also quite likely that he’d have thought up a better name than Psychedelia… but Winston Churchill isn’t the point of our discussion; he is the product of smoke and mirrors, a mere device, a loose concept with which to start and most probably finish the piece. Here lies another important trait in all good psychedelic music.

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Mercury Prize – Young Knives

Porter reports from the Mercury Prize and interviews the Young Knives

Noah & The Whale @ The ICA

Noah & The Whale

Noah & The Whale
‘Girlfriend in a Coma’
Live @ The ICA, London

Here’s a little treat for you in advance of some new Reports which, with the luck of the big man and a prevailing breeze, should be fit for human consumption within the next month.

The London leg of Noah & The Whale’s first national tour saw Twickenham’s other Harlequins swell to a septet, aided and abetted as they were by Laura Marling and a two man Brass Squad. This inspired choice of encore ensured the evening ended with a sing-a-long and room full of happy punters, a bit like Flannegan & Allen performing ‘Morrisey: The Musical’

Best Of – Part 1

The first foray into the year that was. Everyones favourite Frank Sidebottom lookalike rounds up 2007′s Reports, starting off at the Camden Crawl. As well as meeting Scroobius Pip vs Dan Le Sac, Billy Bragg, Kate Nash and Blood Red Shoes, he of the threadbare head takes time out to harass the homeless on Camden Lock.