Hirsuit Brutes with Fruity Loops

Replete with the comedic timing of The Two Ronnies, the musical nouse of The Pet Shop Boys and the sartorial flair of Steptoe & Son, Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip can hold their mesh-backed heads up high and enter in to that illustrious club of Great British Twosomes.

What began with a chance meeting on the sordid streets of Camden Town has, over the past year, blossomed into something I’d tentatively call a friendship. Well, we’re friends enough that I’ve just got a text from the Bearded Bard himself imploring me to acquire a copy of their new single- and in these times of digital dalliances and heightened security, that’s probably as close to friendship as I like to get, to be honest – I’ve popped out on my lunch and done just that, I strongly suggest you do similar.

‘Look For The Woman’ is a mournfully memorable stomper that reflects on the impermanence of Modern Love (Apart from getting you to the church on time, what’s so good about Modern Love anyway?), and features all the exquisite wordplay we’ve come to expect from Essex’s primary advocate of Estuary English. What’s more, his partner in crime proves he’s more than just a pretty face by singing a chorus that’s not so much a hook… it’s a fuckin’ harpoon of a melody!

Not that I imagine you ever would, but please don’t just take my word for it. Pour yourself a Horlicks, slip on some moccasins and have a listen to it: if you don’t like it you’re more than welcome to come round the Porter Cabin and smash my face in.

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  1. Well, I got 78 points smashing your face in ! :D

  2. YEAH beat my own ass @ 107 WOO :P

  3. Russell Porter

    That’s some pretty smart hand-eye co-ordination…
    Although to be fair, it’s a fairly massive target!

  4. Dangles

    Funniest headline

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